Upfluence gets a revamp for 2017!

The beginning of the year is the time for traditions such as well wishing and, for some of us, resolutions – short-lived or not! At Upfluence, our resolution for 2017 is to communicate our expertise more efficiently to all those we work with; our clients, suppliers, visitors to our website and, of course, not forgetting […]

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If you don’t know it yet, Upfluence Search is a powerful influencer search engine developed by a team of experts in marketing & software at Upfluence. This software helps you identify top influencers with instant access to a 1.2M+ influencer database in 250+ industries. Today, we’re over excited to announce three awesome new features! Perform […]

Marketers are becoming increasingly aware that consumers are no longer responding to traditional adverts, finding them intrusive and overwhelming. As consumer habits evolve, methods of advertising need to keep up. Recently, the concept of native advertising has been generating a lot of buzz – and with good reason – as studies suggest that 70% of […]


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When it comes to marketing trends catching the attention of CMOs everywhere, influencer marketing is at the top of the list. Many agencies have adopted this form of marketing to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, communicate about their marketing offers and boost conversion. What was once siloed to PR or social media departments, influencer […]

Emotion has always played a huge part in influencing the consumer’s decision. For example, a teenager willing to buy its first car would be torn between rational arguments (I don’t need a jaguar to go to the university, it’s better if I choose a smaller car, it will be easier for me to park) and […]

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[Estimated reading time: 4 minutes] There are many different kinds of influencers, and they go by many different names: bloggers, vloggers, social media mavens, advocates, ambassadors – the list goes on. But for as many monikers these influencers use, these distinctions exist for a reason. Many people get confused when the term “influencer marketing” gets […]