3 Creative approaches to Influencer Marketing

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about Influencer Marketing by now; its basic principles, its importance, and the ways to identify and contact influencers are clear to you. The consensus, however, is that there are only two ways to work with your influencers: pay for a sponsored article or post on their blogs and social […]

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Influencer Marketing (and native advertising) represent an effective way to reach your audience from a trusted influencer voice. Your ads aren’t getting lost in the noise of direct advertisement that’s often hidden from view by ad blocking software. Dedicated Media found sponsored posts are viewed 53% more than banner advertising. Influencer marketing drives awareness for […]

Content marketing is still king online, and influencer-based native advertising is one of the leading ways to make the most of it. Native advertising refers to the purchase of relevant, quality sponsored content to be displayed on blogs, websites and social networks. It can take the form of ads with a social context, in-feed units, […]


2015, time to go all in on influencer Marketing – Infographic

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Native advertising isn’t new. But with the advent of digital and inbound marketing strategies, like blogs and social media, it’s going through changes. For more than a century, advertisers have understood the power of posting ads that look like the non-ad content which surrounds them, from posts that mixed ad and editorial content to sponsored […]

Since February 2010, and the Google Panda algorithm update, we’ve been hearing a lot about content marketing. Yet, we’ve been hearing the ‘content is king’ credo for a lot longer than that. Looking back, content marketing has evolved a lot, from a SEO fuel to something much greater as it is perceived today. Knowing where […]

Before writing this article I researched as a user (lambda) the term “Influencer” on Wikipedia. We can find two concepts for the term ‘”influencer”. The first meaning refers to a phenomenon of persuasion. Person “A” talks a person “B” (in search of a new smartphone for example) that its new phone is the best on […]

Our world is social, and so is the web. Internet users create online, their very own social ecosystem the very same way they would have done it offline. In this environment, users get in touch with numerous interlocutors such as media, brands, and other Internet users. This creates a very co dependent triptych (Users, Advertisers, […]