Sponsored posts: when should I start?

So you have been blogging about that topic you love. It keeps you up at night, and you can’t help but thinking about what to write about next, your readership, the blogosphere, etc. so much that you now are considering monetizing your hard work. Amongst the many monetizing options you have, sponsored posts seem the […]

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Since the first platforms dedicated to the hosting and publishing of blogs, way before the appearance of social networks as we know them, brands have tried (and succeeded) to appear in posts written by bloggers. To achieve such goal, it has always been mandatory to either: – have a strong well-known brand. It will certainly […]

[Estimated read time: 5 minutes] I recently came across a study from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), a rather famous Organisation that promotes the use of online content in the Marketing Mix of companies (obviously). You can find the full study here. For those of you who are not willing to look at the 20+ slides […]


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Monetizing a blog is no easy task. Provided that, after a great deal of work, you manage to make some money thanks to your blog, hats off to you, my fellow blogger. It is very likely that you want to spend this money drinking Mojitos with friends (after all, you deserve it, don’t you?). Still, […]

Why do videos go “viral”? What makes one cat video more remarkable than the millions of others? If you’ve ever taken a moment to contemplate these questions, you may be glad to know that some of the answer can be found in Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger. More of a psychology book […]

No. We will need to study what influence is in more detail as this argument seems a bit narrow minded. First of all, we need to differentiate two major types of influence: Personal influence that a person can have over their entourage or in a real life (IRL) work situation Online influence fueled by a […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for nearly as long as the Internet has. It didn’t take long for marketers to realize its incredible potential for traffic generation. Along the years, the rules have changed quite dramatically. And yet, some of them haven’t. For instance, the now very popular saying “Content is King” isn’t […]