How to Increase Your Sales During A Tough Economy

The economic crisis of 2008 impacted nearly everyone. Since that time, there has been some improvement, but lately we’ve seen the economy stall or get worse for some countries. In Europe and elsewhere, major financial and political uncertainty have decelerated economic activity. Some sectors, such as the historically robust luxury goods market, only saw a […]

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When it comes to marketing trends catching the attention of CMOs everywhere, influencer marketing is at the top of the list. Many agencies have adopted this form of marketing to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, communicate about their marketing offers and boost conversion. What was once siloed to PR or social media departments, influencer […]

Looking Beyond the Crystal Ball in 2016 and Beyond “Look into my crystal ball, and tell me what you see.” When it comes to the one of the most talked-about topics of 2016, influencer marketing is at the top of the list for many professionals. A week ago, we at Upfluence decided to discuss the […]


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Sebina introduces her blog where she writes about fashion tech in Italy. An ambitious project that you can’t afford to miss ! 1. Hello Sebina, can you introduce yourself and your blog ? Hello Upfluence readers! I am Italian, currently living between Milan and Barcelona and working as a content strategist. I love writing since […]

Jenny is a fashion lawyer and style blogger, she introduces her passion for fashion and offers various tricks and tips. A blog that you really have to discover ! 1. Hello Jenny, can you introduce yourself and your blog I’m a LA fashion lawyer turned beauty and style blogger. My blog is a personal […]

As a traveler, Stephen Shreck introduces his blog A Backpacker’s Tale where he provides people with great tips and stories. Inspirational ! 1. Hello Stephen, can you introduce yourself and your blog Sure, my name is Stephen Schreck. I am the creator of A Backpacker’s Tale. A travel blog that provides people with tips, […]

1. Hello Rob, can you introduce yourself and your blog My name is Rob. In the day time I run a men’s clothing store and my passion project is my blog Dressed to ill, which is centered around my fashion choices but has since expanded to my travel, food and lots and lots of […]