The 5 essentials for launching your content marketing strategy

Day in, day out, we are all consuming, sharing, exchanging, and interacting with online content. Now, we can all choose the content we want to look at and the kind of adverts we wish to receive. These important developments have considerably changed things for businesses. Yet they’ve adapted, and they now have the opportunity to […]

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Why outsourcing is a quick-win for businesses invested in content marketing. Marketing departments generally have a lot of projects and campaigns on the go all the time and often there aren’t enough people available to get the jobs done. Outsourcing has become a common point of discussion amongst business owners, especially amongst businesses that are […]

How the latest content marketing trends will impact marketers in 2017. Countless businesses have come to realize the incredible benefits associated with content marketing, which is why this tactic has become an integral part of marketing strategies around the world. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers are planning to create more […]


A Guide to Understanding and Measuring Content Marketing ROI

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Did you know that we process visual content 30 times quicker than we process a word? Appealing visual content can generate better engagement, likes, comments and shares than text-only content. Hubspot has noted a 37% increase in engagement from targeted customers when the article is optimised by adding more compelling visual elements. Our way of consuming content […]

The beginning of the year is the time for traditions such as well wishing and, for some of us, resolutions – short-lived or not! At Upfluence, our resolution for 2017 is to communicate our expertise more efficiently to all those we work with; our clients, suppliers, visitors to our website and, of course, not forgetting […]

Ted Nelson, founder of the blog introduces the features of his blog dedicated to outdoor traveling. Discover it ! Hello Ted, can you introduce yourself and your blog ? My name is Ted Nelson from Chicago, Illinois. I run Traveling Ted, which is an outdoor adventure blog focusing mainly on hiking, canoeing, and Nordic skiing […]

Let’s continue our interviews ! Today we are glad to welcome Miguel, founder of the blog lbosquejo. A blog where you can find precious fashion tips. You can’t miss it ! 1. Hello Miguel, can you introduce yourself and your blog ? My name is Miguel Paolo Celestial. I started my menswear blog way back […]