Why data visualisation is your content marketing superhero

Did you know that we process visual content 30 times quicker than we process a word? Appealing visual content can generate better engagement, likes, comments and shares than text-only content. Hubspot has noted a 37% increase in engagement from targeted customers when the article is optimised by adding more compelling visual elements. Our way of consuming content […]

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The beginning of the year is the time for traditions such as well wishing and, for some of us, resolutions – short-lived or not! At Upfluence, our resolution for 2017 is to communicate our expertise more efficiently to all those we work with; our clients, suppliers, visitors to our website and, of course, not forgetting […]

Ted Nelson, founder of the blog introduces the features of his blog dedicated to outdoor traveling. Discover it ! Hello Ted, can you introduce yourself and your blog ? My name is Ted Nelson from Chicago, Illinois. I run Traveling Ted, which is an outdoor adventure blog focusing mainly on hiking, canoeing, and Nordic skiing […]


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Today, we are glad to welcome Sarah, founder of the blog about personal style via emotional intelligence. Don’t waste your time, discover it right now ! 1. Hello Sarah, can you introduce yourself and your blog ? I’m a dancer & a blogger and my blog is about personal style via emotional intelligence. 2. What […]

Emotion has always played a huge part in influencing the consumer’s decision. For example, a teenager willing to buy its first car would be torn between rational arguments (I don’t need a jaguar to go to the university, it’s better if I choose a smaller car, it will be easier for me to park) and […]

Our interview series continue with Jana, founder of the blog Jana introduces her blog lifestyle,beauty, wellness, travelling, a blog full of different topics that you can’t miss. Hello Jana, can you introduce yourself and your blog ? I am Jana, living in Bonn/ Germany. It has been four years now, that I started writing my […]

Today we are glad to welcome Maryne, founder of the blog, a blog full of tricks, trips, advices and fun ! Discover it ! 1. Hello Maryne, can you introduce yourself and your blog  Hi, My name is Maryne, I’m 26. I come from Paris and live in Montreal since 2013. I have started […]