Which social networks will be the most significant in 2017 ?

Now begins the time of year when marketers start making predictions and anticipating where priorities should lie in 2017. This year, more companies spent money advertising on social networks than the year before, and many are now evaluating those efforts to ensure social networks still make sense for their business. So what does this mean […]

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The economic crisis of 2008 impacted nearly everyone. Since that time, there has been some improvement, but lately we’ve seen the economy stall or get worse for some countries. In Europe and elsewhere, major financial and political uncertainty have decelerated economic activity. Some sectors, such as the historically robust luxury goods market, only saw a […]

Looking Beyond the Crystal Ball in 2016 and Beyond “Look into my crystal ball, and tell me what you see.” When it comes to the one of the most talked-about topics of 2016, influencer marketing is at the top of the list for many professionals. A week ago, we at Upfluence decided to discuss the […]


Influencer marketing companies VS talent agencies

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Press release Upfluence has become the new member of the “startup program” of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, intended to freely support 30 start-ups for a year in order to help them accelerate their growth. The selection was made in accordance with a strict selection process including a pitch before a jury of experts. Leader of influencer […]

[Estimated reading time: 3 minutes] Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. This shift is explained by the emergence of new strategies but also new perspectives integrated through the media landscape. The evolution of influencer marketing not only impacts marketing but the whole communication process. All the elements from the research phase and the […]

I enjoy reading the posts of Linkedin influencers, especially when it deals with influencer marketing. Many articles have been written on this topic, but for the first time I came across an article written by a blogger: “Why we have to pay bloggers when we work with them” (in French). Here is my – adapted and personal – translation of Mrs Desneiges’ […]

[Estimated reading time: 5 minutes] There’s no question that more and more Luxury brands are going digital, realizing that mass-to-mass printed media isn’t the only communication method today. One increasingly common element of digital is ‘’influencer marketing’’ where brands pay influential bloggers to create compelling content which supports the brand.