Are Native Advertising and Influencer Marketing Mutually Exclusive?

As new generations of consumers are leaning heavily towards non-branded messages, as well as actively installing ad-blocking technology, two disciplines have catapulted to success in recent years, and budgets are increasing to make room for them: native advertising and influencer marketing. But as these buzz words are put into action by brands and companies all […]

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[Estimated reading time : 6 minutes] Today’s digital marketers have a wide range of tools available to get their message out. Although search and banner advertising still remain useful, influencer marketing, social media, and inbound marketing have all become an integral part of an effective marketing campaign. A job that once consisted of purchasing ads […]

[Estimated reading time: 5 minutes] For ad agencies, having a social media presence is vital. Many businesses and ad agencies already use Facebook, but an agency’s Twitter presence can be its anchor. Ad agencies are very active in social media– and Twitter allows for constant interaction. Agencies share updates, industry news, and (most importantly) client […]


Influencer Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies – Part 2: Content and Target Audience

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[Estimated reading time: 7 minutes] B2B marketing strategies are traditionally oriented towards direct sales according to a well established cycle: lead collection, direct approach with commercial proposal, etc.. However, a recent study suggests that these strategies don’t actually drive the buying decision. Although outbound sales may introduce a potential client to an organization or help […]

How should an advertising agency advertise on Facebook? This is a surprisingly challenging question to answer. Brands use Facebook to engage with customers and personify their company – but ad agencies don’t need people wearing their t-shirts. Meanwhile, publishers use Facebook as a platform to push their content to the masses – but most consumers […]

Native advertising is growing at a rapid pace. More and more companies wishing to advertise are now including Native ad campaigns in their strategy. In 2015, it is estimated that $4.3 billion will be spent on native advertising content. And this number is expected to double to $8.8 billion by 2018. Therefore, a common issue […]

Many marketing strategies use multiple tactics and channels for achieving results, from content marketing to search engine marketing. Influencer marketing is becoming a common addition to campaigns due to its high ROI and impact on other marketing efforts. An article from Forbes reports that businesses earn $6.50 for each dollar they put into influencer marketing […]