Content marketing innovations you can’t afford to ignore (any longer)

2016 is the year of innovation and content marketing is not an exception. Discover the new content marketing innovations that you need to integrate through your content strategy to finally get read.   1. Gain speed with the Accelerated Mobile Pages   On February 24th, Google launched its project Accelerated Mobile Pages based on a […]

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The way brands interact with consumers has changed tremendously over the last several years. As market competition continues to grow across industries, and customers have more buying options to chose from, relationship marketing – particularly influencer marketing – is taking a lead role in how businesses advertise their products and services. And influencer marketing isn’t […]

[Estimated reading time: 7 minutes] Sponsored posts are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for brands to connect with new customers in a more intimate manner. As bloggers and other influencers already have a “personal” connection with their audiences, when they discuss a company or product, people listen. However, all sponsored posts are […]


Which Type of Influencers for Your Native Ad Campaigns? [NEW DATA]

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[Estimated reading time: 5 minutes] You don’t need us to tell you that Influencer marketing is the next big thing. Every day, articles in the marketing industry address influencer marketing trends and best practices. The common thread in these articles is the question of questions: how should a brand find and connect with influencers? The […]

Retargeting has been a trending topic for digital advertisers since mid 2007, and exploded in popularity in late 2010 according to Google Trends. Retargeting, simply put, is when a brand serves its ads on other websites only to visitors who have visited the brand’s site. For example, when a person visits a clothing retailer and […]

[Estimated read time: 4 minutes] Luxury fashion is a fascinating industry and its marketing probably one of the most difficult disciplines.  For years, luxury brands tried to maintain the exclusivity that drives the force of luxury branding. They lately realized that they couldn’t rely on traditional media to deliver their message and that they needed to add […]

[Estimated read time: 3 minutes] Luxury brands walk the narrow band between exclusivity and inclusivity, which may be why they stayed away from social media as long as they have. No matter what happened in the past, that era is over now, and top luxury brands are thriving in the social sphere. For example, Porsche […]