Data-visualizations: 3 reasons why you should start using your data for content marketing

Did you know that 91% of buyers prefer interactive and visual content over traditional text-based and static media? Did you know that we process visual content 30 times quicker than we process words? We were already using the term “data visualization” 10 years ago, but this has become an amazingly hot topic for content marketers […]

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What does the word influence mean? What is an influencer? What are influencers? Who are the influencers? Influence means to have an effect on other people. Thus an Influencer is someone who is influential, or affects the behavior of others, which implies visibility (ie on a platform) and an engaged audience. The keyword here is […]

Today, consumers place more trust in influencers than traditional brand advertisements. This explains why we see Influencer-generated content (IGC) everywhere now. It’s a crucial indicator of marketing share and a competitive advantage in a world that’s shifting away from traditional advertising. What marketers need to know is that behind all great IGC is calculated strategy. […]


Understanding and (Boosting) Your Influencer ROI in Three Minutes

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Why influencer marketing is one of the most effective tactics for increasing awareness about important causes and organizations. Over the last decade, more and more celebrities have been pairing up with charities and nonprofit organizations to show their support for the causes they believe in. Kate Hudson backs Watch Hunger Stop, Emma Watson is a […]

The question of contracts comes up a lot with businesses that are new to Influencer Marketing. How else are you supposed to ensure performance? But did you know contracts can actually be stifling to campaign success if poorly constructed? So what does an Influencer contract look like and how often (and strictly) should you be […]

Recently we learned what can happen when Influencers don’t respect FTC rules but what does this mean for the status quo of sponsored content? In order to avoid sanctions, brands using Influencer Marketing must adhere to transparency guidelines; so how is this “obviously” sponsored content really perceived by viewers? It might be different than how […]

Due to its ability to boost conversions, increase notoriety, and generate sales, Influencer Marketing is quickly becoming the go-to solution for brands. This incredible demand for influencers has forced marketing agencies to evolve. New technology and methods are refining the way we identify, recruit, and report partnerships. Now with the possibility to create influencer campaigns […]