Influencer marketing and the rise of healthy eating habits

The food industry has undergone somewhat of a revolution in recent years. When once sugary drinks and snacks were the most popular (and profitable) items, now consumers want healthy products, and buzzwords like ‘all natural’, ‘free-from’ and ‘no added’ are prominently displayed on packaging. The healthy food movement has become an unstoppable trend, due in […]

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How influencer marketing can be used to reach out to one of the fastest growing consumer groups, Generation Z and Alpha.   For a good few years now, Millennial has been the word on the lips of many marketers but brands may soon have to shift their focus to a younger, more diverse audience that […]

Social media monitoring is a highly competitive niche. There are many tools allowing you to spy on competition, track the virality of your social campaigns or follow a specific topic. If you are wondering why these tools are so popular, have a look at how many posts are published each second on social networks: Impressive, […]


A perfect match: influencer marketing and the beauty industry

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When it comes to promoting movies and series, influencer marketing is the go-to strategy for production companies for a number of reasons. Of the many innovations that the 90s gave us, the internet is probably the most iconic. This new online world was exciting and the possibilities were endless but as time went on, the […]

School and universities have historically used the same marketing tactics to attract and enroll the best students possible, including open house events, print advertising, and brochures. Among the long list of marketing tactics available, one commonly overlooked tactic many universities and schools miss is content marketing. Content marketing is a powerful tactic that can help educational […]

Last year Forbes reported that physical activity is on the rise among the US population, and a similar trend can be found globally – especially among millennials, who are perhaps the healthiest generation so far. More and more people are prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, and there has been a noticeable boom in healthy living. And, […]

Experience the powerful impact that influencer marketing can have on your travel and tourism business. In the competitive travel and tourism sector, brands need to do everything they can to shine the brightest and stand out from their competitors. There are countless ways that businesses can market themselves but sometimes, getting a little help from […]