Industry Update: Understanding GDPR in 3 Steps

Want an insider look at an Upfluence newsletter? Whether it’s new technology, key events, or regulations; we keep the team up to date on the industry by sending regular newsletters. Sometimes these letters could be useful to people outside Upfluence…We believe this one is one of them. The GDPR law will be a game changer […]

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“Micro” Influencers, who are they? Instead of engaging influencers with millions of followers, clients are increasingly satisfied with 20-30 influencers with smaller followings. Who are these “micro” influencers and how are they changing Influencer Marketing? One of the biggest obstacles for IM is paying influencers: companies have to navigate how, through what means, and on […]

Should a B2B company invest in Influencer Marketing? It’s normal for people to assume influencer marketing only works for consumer product brands because social media is often times so entertainment-focused. But did you know that 93% of B2B businesses rely on social media as part of their strategy? Or that half of B2B buyers (the people […]


Don’t Take Any Risk, Know The Rules. Guidelines for an influencer Campaign

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“Millennial Moms”, or mothers born between the mid 80’s and the early 2000’s, represent 20% of moms in the US and 80% of new mothers, according to US Census Bureau of Data. It is not new however that mothers act as ‘chief financial officers’ in families, controlling up to 85% of household purchases and representing $2.4 trillion in […]

Even though over 88% of B2B brands are using content marketing, 52% have reported that measuring ROI is one of their top challenges and many other brands are not measuring the effectiveness of their content marketing at all. Why content metrics matter By not measuring your content’s ROI, your brand could end up drawing the […]

The food industry has undergone somewhat of a revolution in recent years. When once sugary drinks and snacks were the most popular (and profitable) items, now consumers want healthy products, and buzzwords like ‘all natural’, ‘free-from’ and ‘no added’ are prominently displayed on packaging. The healthy food movement has become an unstoppable trend, due in […]

How influencer marketing can be used to reach out to one of the fastest growing consumer groups, Generation Z and Alpha.   For a good few years now, Millennial has been the word on the lips of many marketers but brands may soon have to shift their focus to a younger, more diverse audience that […]