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Ricola Launches in Thailand with Influencer Event.

Discover the ‘behind the scenes’ metrics from Ricola’s influencer launch event in Thailand. To create brand visibility in a new market, Ricola opted for a Influencer event with some of Thailand’s top influencers. Upfluence’s specialists helped them find the right influencers for the job and amplify the unique experience with a native advertising campaign. What […]

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How Dagobear used an Influencer Sampling Campaign to promote their line of menswear and accessories on Instagram. In order to promote their products and increase brand recognition, Dagobear chose to target young Instagram micro-influencers based in France who loved fashion and lifestyle. Upfluence’s specialists then helped them find the right influencers for the job and […]

Discover the Blockchain Revolution Through a Content Marketing Campaign! With the aim of reinforcing its position as an expert, Sopra Banking Software ran a Content Marketing Campaign in collaboration with Upfluence. Through conversational and playful content pieces, this campaign reached a target audience of professionals and experts from the FinTech, Banking and Finance sectors. What will this […]

Case Study

Ulysse Nardin – Introducing the Executive Skeleton Tourbillon

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Sopra Steria Published 168 Content Pieces in 12 Months. The content targeted professionals and experts in IT security and digital transformation. Prior to producing the pieces, Upfluence conducted a content audit of Sopra’s 10 main competitors. This audit included weaknesses and strengths of each company, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and of course, actionable recommendations. What will […]

Paypal Launched its New App with a Mobile Native Ad Campaign! In order to successfully promote its new mobile app, Paypal targeted students living in Nancy, France through lifestyle blogs and social media channels. Upfluence made it happen with a Native Ads campaign specially tailored to their chosen demographic. What will this case study teach you? You’ve probably […]

HYT Launched its New H2 Tradition Watch! In order to successfully launch its new watch, HYT targeted men interested in menswear & luxury in six different countries. Upfluence helped by organizing and implementing their campaign across blogs, Facebook, and Instagram. What will this case study teach you? You’ve probably heard of Native Advertising and its supposedly incomparable results, but what […]

Promotion of Aptamil App to Young Women in Switzerland. By contacting the top 160 influential family bloggers in Switzerland, Upfluence helped Aptamil launch it’s new app, Apta Babyname. The content was then amplified, increasing brand awareness on digestion, feeding and allergies topics with the most relevant audience: young mothers. What will this case study teach you? You’ve […]