Case Studies

Patrice Mulato – Mixing Influencer Strategies

Patrice Mulato inspired authentic dialogue surrounding their brand by engaging top beauty influencers and dozens of micro-influencers for a single, coherent campaign. How did they do it? You’ve undoubtedly heard the hype about micro-influencers but have you ever wondered what happens when top names and niche influencers work together on a single campaign? Double Activation was […]

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Nescafé partnered with top Swiss Lifestyle influencers to tell the story of their newest line of coffee: AZERA Intenso Espresso. Backstage Instagram Stories, original recipes, massive contests- this campaign has it all.  Upfluence recruited the crème de la crème of Swiss content creators to ensure a dynamic, engaging coverage of Nescafé AZERA. The result? One-of-a-kind editorial content that exceeded […]

Reblochon launched a Native Advertising campaign in partnership with food bloggers! This campaign targeted french-speaking men and women interested in cooking. Upfluence conducted a Native Advertising campaign with original recipes featuring Reblochon made by influencers who then amplified it to their most relevant audience: foodies! What will this case study teach you? You’ve probably heard of Native […]

Case Study

Aptamil Promotes its App to Young Women in Switzerland

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A complete analysis of the Perrier-Jouët influencer event in Ibiza. To establish themselves as the ultimate bottle of the night, Perrier-Jouët used Upfluence software to recruit top Instagram Influencers for two major events in Ibiza. To take advantage of Instagram’s latest “stories” feature, Perrier-Jouët chose to promote their summer contests to an affluent European audience with flashy, […]

Discover the ‘behind the scenes’ metrics from Ricola’s influencer launch event in Thailand. To create brand visibility in a new market, Ricola opted for a Influencer event with some of Thailand’s top influencers. Upfluence’s specialists helped them find the right influencers for the job and amplify the unique experience with a native advertising campaign. What […]

How Dagobear used an Influencer Sampling Campaign to promote their line of menswear and accessories on Instagram. In order to promote their products and increase brand recognition, Dagobear chose to target young Instagram micro-influencers based in France who loved fashion and lifestyle. Upfluence’s specialists then helped them find the right influencers for the job and […]

Discover the Blockchain Revolution Through a Content Marketing Campaign! With the aim of reinforcing its position as an expert, Sopra Banking Software ran a Content Marketing Campaign in collaboration with Upfluence. Through conversational and playful content pieces, this campaign reached a target audience of professionals and experts from the FinTech, Banking and Finance sectors. What will this […]