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Microsoft – launch of a social media challenge

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Microsoft launches a student social media challenge

Microsoft relied on Blogs, Facebook & Twitter to reach 18-25 yo French students. The challenge was rewarding, with prizes such as MS Surface touch pads.

What will this case study teach you?

You’ve probably heard of Native Advertising and its supposedly incomparable results, but what does a good Native Ads Campaign look like?

What results can be expected? How much should you pay?

What you’ll get out of it

1. The proper way to define your objectives.

What demographic do you want to reach? Which blogs are more likely to engage the audience you need. How many articles do you want published?

2. What Published Articles will look like.

There is no limit to your creativity here, but this case study gives you examples of what was achieved by the brand with the influencers it partnered with.

3. Budget Example.

How much should you pay for sponsored content on the blogs you’ve identified? What are the metrics that lets you determine the price of an influencer and your overall budget?

4. The Social Media Boost you’ll get from your campaign.

Each influencer will relay her article for free on social media, triggering a boost in the mentions about your brand.