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Sopra Banking Software – The Inevitable Blockchain Campaign

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Discover the Blockchain revolution through a Content Marketing campaign!

With the aim of reinforcing its position as an expert, Sopra Banking Software runs a Content Marketing campaign in collaboration with Upfluence. Through conversational and playful content pieces, this campaign reaches a target audience of professionals and experts from the FinTech, Banking and Finance sectors.

What will this case study teach you?

Discover every step of this Content Marketing Campaign: From designing the content strategy, to producing the content piece, distributing it through different networks and building the campaign final report.

How many people will you reach? What coverage can you expect?

What you’ll get out of it

1. What are the steps of a Content Marketing Campaign

Our campaign strategy is explained in detail, including our choices, what content pieces we’ve produced and what coverage we get. This case study will answer your Set up, Distribution and ROI questions.

2. What are the content pieces that are performing the most

Our goal is to produce technical, playful and unique content pieces. Discover how the inevitable blockchain infographics has gone viral thanks to key FineTech influencers.

3. What is the campaign ROI

How many social shares? Which FineTech specialized websites have reposted our infographics? How many people have been reached? and much more.